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card game


Product name        : XENO

Estimated time       : 3~10 minutes

Number of players : 2~4

Contents                : 22 cards

                             (18 playing cards + 4 rule description cards)

                              Player’s handbook




This is a story of an empire where the people suffered under the tyranny of the Emperor.

They were frightened since those who resisted the Emperor were executed immediately.


A lonesome Boy whose parents were executed hoped for and waited for the day that a revolution would be brought to the land.


One fateful day, the Boy encountered the Hero who flew over the countryside in a huge airship.


"Those who rule by power shall surely fall."

The Boy decided to believe in the words of the Hero.

The  Hero was a living miracle of eternal youth.


How To Play

Types Of Cards



Indicates the strength of the card.

The larger number the stronger it is.


An illustration of the character.

There are 10 types of cards.

The words in parentheses indicate the effect of each card.

<front side>

<back side (all-cards)>


Preparation For The Game

  1. Mix 18 playing cards and place them facing down on a table.
    This is called the deck.
    (Use the rule description cards as needed.)


  2. Each player draws a card from the deck and holds it in their hand.

  3.  Once everyone has drawn, take one card from the deck, place it facing down and sideways next to the deck. This is called the “reincarnation card.”
    (When the Hero card is forced to be thrown away by a power other than the Emperor, the player who had the Hero card can get back into the game with this card.)

  4. Decide who plays first.

  5. Go clockwise from the first player.
    *Be careful not to unintentionally disclose your hand to other players.



reincarnation card


This game progresses with steps called turns.

The active player draws the card from the top of deck and adds it to their hand.

Then the player chooses one out of two cards in their hand, and places it in the play area.

Each card has a power that the players have to adhere to. (If the power is activated.)

The timing when the power is effective varies depending on the card.

Once the card is played it is discarded.

Each player places the discarded cards in front of themselves.

They are discarded so that they are arranged facing up in a line from the left to the right so that everyone can know the order they were played.

These discarded cards are the key to guess other players' hands.

The turn is complete when the power has been used.

Next, move clockwise to the next the player. The player on the left takes the next turn.

Repeat the turns until all the cards in the deck are gone or there is only one player left.

*The reincarnation cards should not be used as the deck. They are used only when the "Hero" reincarnates.

Drop out

If a player dropped out due to a card`s power, the player will disclose their hand and add it to their discard line.

Designated Player

Some of the card powers can be used on designated targets.

The active player can designate any of the other players.

However, it is not always possible to choose by oneself the target of the effect.

As a tip to enjoy more advanced psychological warfare in the game is to keep the cards face up and visible when targeted by the Death card and the Soldier card.

The Cases When The Power Is Not Activated

The power of a card that was forced to be discarded by the active player will not be effective.

If there are no cards left in the deck when a player takes a card from the deck due to the power of the Emperor, the Death or the Boy cards, the card`s power will not be effective, and the game will end.

*The power will be effective when there is more than one card left in the deck.

The Ending The Game And Choosing The Winner

The game will end when any of the following conditions is met.

  1. When The Deck Has Been Exhausted
    The game ends when there are no cards left in the deck after a player has completed their turn.
    In this case, all players who have not dropped out reveal their hand, and the player with the highest card strength (number) wins.
    If there are two players having the same strength, the game will end in a draw.


  2. When All The Players Except One Have Dropped Out
    When all players except one have dropped out, the game will end at that point.
    The player who survived to the end wins.


  3. When Everyone Has Dropped Out
    If the number in the hand is the same as the number of another player who was confronted with the power of the Noble, both will drop out.
    If there are no other players left, the game will end in a draw.


Description And Powers Of The Cards


Hero  RANK:10 (1 card)

effect "Hiding, Reincarnation"

Cannot be placed  in the play area and the player drops if forced to discard it.

If the player drops out due to a power other than the Emperor, the play can get back into the game with the reincarnation card.

The Hero has the power to guide the people but cannot show herself in front of the public.

If found by the Emperor, she will be executed and removed immediately.

However, if the player drops out by someone other than the Emperor, they can revive using the reincarnation card with the power of reincarnation.

(If a player drops out due to the power of the Death, the Soldier or the Boy card, discard all existing cards in hand, and then take the reincarnation card to return to the game.)


Emperor RANK:9 (1card)

effect "Public execution"

Force the designated player to draw a card from the deck and to disclose both cards.

Then, designate one of them to be discarded.

The Emperor is trying to find the Hero and execute her as soon as possible, because she causes disorder to the land with her new teachings.

He can execute the Hero with a sword which has been passed down in the royal family and prevent the Hero's reincarnation.


Spirit RANK:8 (2 cards)

effect "Interchange"

Exchange hands with a designated player.

The Spirit has been watching the land since ancient times and it is sorrowful for the repeated conflicts among humans.

It hopes to use its special power to let people experience “an interexchange” in their dreams and understand each other's feelings.


Scholar RANK:7 (2 cards)

effect "Selection"

The player draws three cards from the deck at the next turn instead of drawing one card and selects one out of the three and returns the rest back to the deck.

The Scholar presents three predictions for the land.

The player chooses a card that is most advantageous.

If there are less than three cards left in the deck, take all cards and select one.
(The next player will shuffle the returned cards in the deck. After that, discard one of the two cards and use its power.)


Noble RANK:6 (2 cards)

effect "Showdown"

Discloses the hand of a designated player. The player that has the smaller number drops out.

Do not unintentionally disclose the hand to other players.

The noble is demanding an early settlement for the stability of the land.

If the number is the same as the player who you challenged, both will drop out.

If there are no other players left, the game will end in a draw.


Death  RANK:5 (2 cards)

effect "Infectious disease"

Forces a designated player to draw a card from the deck.

The player specifies a card out of the two cards in the other player's hand to be removed without knowing what that card is.

An infectious disease called "The Death" is pervasive throughout the land.

The Death takes a life without rhyme or reason.

(Make sure to shuffle the cards in hand before the card is specified by the other player.)


Maiden  RANK:4 (2 cards)

effect "Guarding"

Disables the effects of any card`s power on a player until the next turn.

The Maiden generates a fog with prayer that guards the target from attacks.

A player can choose another player to be guarded from another player and that player will be guarded from a card`s power.


Fortune teller RANK:3 (2 cards)

effect "Seeing through"

Check the hand of a designated player.

The fortune teller has the power of seeing through things.

OA player can check the hand of a designated player.

Do not disclose the outcome of seeing the card to other players.


Soldier  :2 (2 cards)

effect "Investigation"

Can force a designated player to drop out if they guess the player's hand right.

The Soldier is investigating under the order of the Emperor.

The designated player shall answer whether or not the declaration made by the active player is right.

If it was right, the player shall discard the hand and drop out.

Otherwise, the player shall only say that it was incorrect.

There is no need to disclose the card.


Boy  RANK:1 (2 cards)

effect "Revolution"

The first discard has no effect, but second discard has the same power as the Emperor, the "Public execution."

The young Boy is powerless.

However, he eventually grows up and becomes an emperor with the teachings of the Hero.

It seems to be difficult to use the royal sword for the newly enthroned emperor.

If he stabs a Hero, the Hero will revive using the reincarnation card.

On the second discard he has the same power as the Emperor, "Public Execution," but the RANK is 1 for the player who is holding the card.

The player who discards second does not necessarily need to be the same player discarded the first card.


XENO (Normal Edition)

XENO Theme Song



▲ Do not give to children under 3 years of age to prevent accidental swallowing.

▲ Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age after use.


Sales agency: NIRVA Inc.

Triangle Bld. 1st floor, 1-16-1, Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
(*Contact us via the above e-mail address for any inquiries.
    For the replacement of defective products, be sure to include your contact information, your name, and the details of the defect.)

Game Design: NIRVA Inc.

Illustration and Design:

TAKUMI (Character Illustration), Shunsuke Kubo (Package Illustration), NIRVA Inc. (Back Illustration of Cards), CATTLEYA TOKYO (Logo)

Game Drafting: Seiji Kanai

Editing: NIRVA Inc.

DTP works: Maruichi Co., Ltd.


*This game is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons or organizations is purely coincidental.

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